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OMC Sponsors a new frame & John gives some
valuable cycling tips


John Thompson
OMC Sponsored Cyclist

Well it is that time of year again, we have all had enough of riding in the cold but after watching the Tour de France for three weeks the motivation is high enough to put up with the cold. So just how cold has it been? Well on a few occasions we have had minus 2 o C with a max temp of 8 o Cand an average of 6 o C. This time of year the training is basically the building blocks for the rest of a very busy season. It is good to get in the BIG rides at a constant pace keeping your heart rate at around 70% of max.

I was recently on one of these long rides that I had the misfortune to hear a creak in my frame. Thinking nothing much of the noise other than the bike is due for a service. On return to base I was cleaning the bike and to my amazement my frame was cracked. Feeling quite aggravated and more worried about loosing training time I made a few phone calls, yes the second one after I got the price was none other than Andy Scott of OMC my trusty sponsor. Like his approach in the business world nothing was too much of a problem and his reply was simple, just get the frame and let me know how much!!

Once again a huge thank you to OMC.

The New frame!!