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John - "Looking forward to a great 2005!"
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Yours truly doing some work at the from of the bunch during the recent Supercycling event.

Time 2:20:17 for 92km – Ave 39.1km/h.


I frankly do not know how to thank Andy for his support over the past 2 years of sponsorship. It has enabled me to compete at a very different level with the best equipment and all I had to worry about is training and riding races!! I think this also follows his business ethic “don’t worry we will take care of it and have it ready on time” or “for you we will do it”. Once again thank you for a great 2004 and I am again looking forward to a great 2005 cycling association with OMC and Andy.

Firstly an apology for the delay in a new article!! Guilty!! But training and racing hard and yes a 3 week break over December. Which possibly is a key point of discussion.

To rest or not to rest, well here is what I did and possibly there are only a few things that I would change in the program. After the 94.7 I continued to ride up until I went away mid December 2004, the intensity of this training was at about 70% of max heart rate and the focus was on long slow distance rides.
I then went on holiday for the first time in years without a bike of any form.

With the knowledge that the Hyper to Hyper was on the 16 January 2005 I must say I was a bit worried. On holiday I did a few runs of about 30 min each and that was about the most of my training. Got back from holiday on the 7th of January 2005 and felt guilty so training started on the 8th with some light roller work followed by a 100km club ride, I felt great, yes the pace was fast but not hectic.

For the rest of the week I did some intervals to 85% of max and the rest was light roller work. Race day I was worried, sitting at the start listening to every one talking about the thousands of km done over December vs my few 30 min runs!!
The start of the Hyper to Hyper was also the fist race in our new team and I felt I had to do well. The start is uphill and fast and then faster to the finish some 1003 km away, the average speed was 47km/h and we completed the race in 2hours 17 min for 103 km and I felt good but not sharp, but then for the first race in a long season its ok.

So what would I do differently next year, I would just ride the Hyper to Hyper and give myself a week or so to get a bit more base mileage in, or come back from holiday a week earlier. The point I am trying to make is it is a long season an you must set your goals, mine for this first part of the season are SA Champs I early March 2005.

So I have had a build up of 5 races in 7 weeks with 1 more between now and SA Champs. My training weeks are varying form 6 to 12 hours per week and due to the racing on almost every weekend the midweek intensity is low with lots of rest.

In my next article I wish to talk about racing in a team vs individual as cycling is a TEAM sport, yes some may agree or disagree. Safe riding until next time,


Stress Management course

A “Stress Management “course is now available.
A Medical Doctor works with us during the course bringing a whole new dimension.
Course has recently been done at the Department of Foreign Affairs where it was highly rated.

Contact Andy Scott for more info on: +27 (11) 792 1794.

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Golden Web Award

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OMC - Solutions Partner - Shirley Holdsworth

Shirley Holdsworth

As a little girl Shirley's dream was to teach, which resulted in her father making her a blackboard whereby many “children” were taught, however she went on to study Medical Technology and not teaching. After a few years she moved into research and then into the mining industry. From here she then moved into the Pharmaceutical industry as an Analytical Chemist and here she felt at home. She embarked on further studies, which included a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry and qualifying as a pharmacist assistant. All through her working career, managers always saw her natural ability to teach. This was capitalized on and many analysts were trained.

Deciding that she had more than enough academic qualifications behind her, she embarked on self-enrichment courses. This she termed “I am now studying life “. Some of the courses include John Kehoe's  “ Mind Power “ and “ Awakening “ and  “ NLP “ by Claudius van Wyk to name a few.

Shirley has subsequently moved on and has become fully involved with training. She is an assessor, personally facilitates training courses in soft skills and other courses, writes training manuals against set unit standards (unit standards are set by the individual Setas indicating criteria that they deem necessary for their environment) and has become involved with the Service Seta and is currently bust with the “ Total Quality Management System “ program. She works in conjunction with an accredited service provider when dealing with Learnerships.

Medical Technology
Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
Pharmacist Assistant