Digital Conversion:

There are some factors that need to be mentioned at this time.

The quality of some hard copy manuals leaves much to be desired, in these cases the manuals need to be photo copied first.

  The photocopies are then scanned to obtain a reasonable quality image to OCR (Optical Character Recognize).

  In the case of good quality hard copy the spine has to be removed/cut off these pages are then scanned to obtain a reasonable quality image to OCR. (Opticle Character Recognize).
Manuals / Hard copy can be re-bound and returned at the client's request.
This will be done once the project is finalized for production.

  Pricing of scanning and OCR work is always higher than that of files supplied in digital format, i.e. word files etc.

  Orders for 100 or more CDs produced by OMC are glass mastered.
  OMC has automated certain functions in order to save you, the client, costs. Please note that before any internal linking has started there are 3 links on every page irrespective. These links form a vital part of each project, and are crucial when networking. Pricing thus varies according to the number of links involved in any one project.

  All CDs issued by OMC have "search catalogues" built in.
  All CDs have "security" built in which is pre-determined by you the client, i.e. printing allowed/not allowed, no copying of text, no altering of the document etc.

  All CDs have the "Auto Run" feature.
  All CDs have the latest version of Acrobat Reader supplied.
  All CDs have the facility to install to Hard Drive.
  All CDs have the facility to update the printer settings to single page printing as the default, "Developed for OMC to assist its clients, in saving unnecessary printing costs."

  All CDs have an "Important Notes Page".
  All CDs have a section on how to use Acrobat Reader/training, (condensed version developed by OMC).

  All CDs have a section on how to use the Search Catalogues, (condensed version developed by OMC).

  All CDs have a section on how to install to Hard Drive, (step by step instructions supplied).

Language Translation:
offers Translation and Interpretation Services through an associated company in the following languages:

French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Serb, Croat, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Bulgarian, Albanian, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Hindi, Gujarati, Swahili, Lingala, Shona and all RSA languages.

Other related services include:

Conference/Seminars - Arranging and/or Interpreting.
Court interpreting.

Existing Digital Format Conversion:

OMC has the capability to convert all existing, popular digital document formats (Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Html etc) into PDF format. Our PDF documents can also be networked across the Internet, as well as an Intranet and Extranet. Thus, further enhancing the dynamic capabilities of this globally used and recognized digital document medium.